Thursday, October 07, 2010

Young, gifted and black ... and stopped and searched

OK, so you're lucky enough to be young, gifted and black and even luckier to be driving to Selfridges with a wad of cash in your pocket which you're planning to spend on some fancy shmattes to wear that evening because luckier still, you've been invited to Tinie Tempah's launch party.

Then the plod pull you over.

At around 7.30 earlier this evening hot young British R 'n' B star, Loick Essien (for it was he) was stopped and searched by Met police officers who found the cash - approximately £500, I'm told - asked him where he'd got it from and told him he had to explain its provenance or that they would confiscate it.

However, our man on the late night shift at the Met's press office says Essien was pulled over because his car wasn't registered, that he was carrying "significantly more" than £500 and far from being told that the cash would be confiscated was given some "words of advice" about carrying such large sums around with him.

But Essien's feisty manager, Natalie, is having none of it, telling me that when Essien called her during the incident and handed the phone to one of the police officers, she too was told that the money would be confiscated if it couldn't be explained how Essien came into its possession. She points out that the police officer she spoke to even demanded that she fax over Essien's contract with Sony.

Apparently it was only when some Sony letterheaded documentation was found in Essien's car that the police officers realised that they had indeed stopped a recording artist of some repute and should perhaps have been asking him for his autograph rather than quizzing him about his finances.


Blogger vesper said...

Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson is starting a group in the United Kingdom to oppose what he calls the abuse of police powers to stop and search people. The group, called StopWatch, wants to stop police from disproportionately stopping and searching ethnic minorities.Launching his group, Jackson called for an end to policies that lead to racial profiling on both sides of the Atlantic. Jackson heads Chicago-based Operation PUSH.

Last week, Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission published figures saying 15 percent of those stopped and searched by police were black. Black people comprise 2 to 3 percent of the population. Members of StopWatch, including activists and academics, aim to work with government to ensure that recently announced policing reforms are fair.

At the General Election former Met Police Inspector Michael Barnbrook, the malevolent neo-Nazi BNP Police Spokesman, stood as a candidate for MP in the Dagenham and Rainham Parliamentary constituency. Nick Griffin MEP, the BNP's leader stood as a candidate for MP in the neighbouring Parliamentary constituency of Barking. The BNP also put up candidates in all three London Borough of Bexley constituencies : Stephen James in Bexleyheath and Crayford : Kevin Saunders in Erith & Thamesmead : John Brooks in Old Bexley and Sidcup. The BNP Parliamentary AGENT FROM HELL 666, for Bexley's Parliamentary constituencies 999 +, was Mr Michael Barnbrook, 24 Holbeach Gardens, Sidcup, Kent DA15 8QW, which is on the doorstep of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School in Blackfen +

I would be failing in my professional 'duty of care' if I failed to identify, and actively oppose the evil on the doorstep of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School in Blackfen +, and in Greater London too.

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